Tribal Talent

TRIBAL MANIA MIAMI will be hosting its 2nd TRIBAL (Transnational Fusion) competition.  The sole purpose of TRIBAL TALENT is to enable aspiring professional dancers to focus on self-development, showmanship, and improve overall technique to assist them in becoming stellar performers. Because of this, we will only have 15 slots available. It will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Each contestant will receive individual feedback from each of the judges and will receive their evaluation sheets at the end of the evening.

Those competing will work towards earning a SUPERIOR, EXCELLENT or GOOD medal and certificate.  The contestant who earns the most points by each of the judges will receive the TRIBAL ENCHANTRESS crown, be allowed to perform in the GALA SHOW on Saturday, October 10th, and will earn a FREE VIP pass to next year’s TRIBAL MANIA MIAMI event.  The VIP pass will include workshops and two complimentary tickets to the GALA show.



Guidelines are as follows:

All contestants must register for a minimum of TWO workshops. DEADLINE for applicants is September 11, 2020  Anyone who applies after the deadline will not be considered. Music limit will be 4:00 and must be submitted two weeks prior to the competition. Please adhere to this limit to avoid a 10 point deduction. Also, you MUST wear a cover up while not performing. Call time will be at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, October  9th at the Scottish Rite Temple. The competition will commence at 8:00 p.m. and will be followed by one-on-one feedback by each of the judges.  

Those who register for TRIBAL TALENT as soloists will be judged as follows:

  1. Technique           20 pts

  2. Choreography   20 pts

  3. Stage Presence 20 pts

  4. Musicality          20 pts

  5. Execution           20 pts


COPPER:                            80-89 PTS      EXCELLENT
BRASS:                               70-79 PTS       GOOD

Designed by: Neri Garcia