Silvia Salamanca


SILVIA SALAMANCA is an internationally acclaimed performer, choreographer and instructor from Mallorca, Spain.  A life-long dancer, she graduated at the age of nineteen as a major in ballet and performed professionally as a modern dancer in major Europe festivals with the contemporary dance company of the University of Barcelona.
She started her career as a belly dancer in 2001, when realizing the enormous benefits that this art-form brings to women in both body and soul. In her own studio, she keeps observing how women can get closer to their self identity and discover oneself in a new level, increasing self-esteem, and getting deeply in touch with the feminine essence in their soul through bellydance.
As a natural evolution in her journey, Silvia discovered tribal fusion in the USA and combined it with a deep research into her own cultural roots: Spanish gypsy and Arabic. Hence with her work in the field of Zambra Mora (spanish gypsy-oriental dance fusion) Silvia gained international recognition and is currently invited to teach workshops and perform as a headliner in major festivals world-wide. Silvia is also known for her work dancing with swords, which she feels depicts the strength of women.   Silvia is also the director of Shunyata Belly Dance, a nationally awarded tribal fusion company and a proud member of Urban Gypsy, Houston's premiere ITS troupe.   For more information about Silvia,  see

Sara Lyn


Sara Lyn fell madly in love with Bellydance at the age of 17 (2005) when she saw beautiful women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, adorned from head to toe, move their bodies in ways that seemed impossible.

She credits her instructor and mentor, Samira Il’nia, for laying a solid foundation of bellydance technique, musicality, and challenging her dancers to push themselves every single class with conditioning, strong practice habits, and camaraderie which Sara instills in her students today.

Sara’s classes have a mix of conditioning, strength and balance exercises, a strong focus on technique, topping it off with her slinky stylization. In her teachings she enjoys working with the muscles, paying close attention to the little details, isolations, and bringing awareness (and a challenge) to the body and mind, all while bringing layers of musicality into the mix.

Vimana Fusion - Sara’s online studio ( and in class dance school is located in the heart of Sin City Las Vegas, NV, where she aspires to inspire her students to find their own voice in the language of dance.

Sara’s wanderlust has taken her all over the world, and in 2020 she begins a much anticipated tour schedule to teach nationally and internationally with her husband and new baby girl by her side.

With over a decade of dedicated dance studies and training, Sara considers herself a “forever student” and humbly wants to say thank you for trusting her to be one of your teachers in your  dance journey !

Sylvia Yssei


Sylvia Yssei began her dance training in the year 2000.  She studied jazz, contemporary, and Spanish Classical dance but then discovered bellydance and became completely immersed in it.  Shortly after, she discovered Tribal Fusion and Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance). They both became powerful means of self-expression in a complementary but incredibly unique way.  Bollywood and Gypsy dances later too became a part of her dance repertoire. 

While studying various dance genres, she also studied Psychology in the University of Barcelona and her deep understanding of pedagogy undoubtedly helped her gain a clearer understanding of the dynamics of learning. It also assisted her in observing her students in an active and holistic way.  

Since finding Tribal Fusion, she has studied with numerous renowned and established instructors in the industry. These include Morgana, Jill Parker, Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, April Rose, Anasma, and Illan Riviere. 

 In fact,  out of  all of her artistic projects,she remembers with most gratitude the opportunity to have been a member of Imajaghan, a contemporary tribal fusion company directed by Illan Riviere. Being an active member of the company enabled her to travel to wonderful destinations such as France, Germany, and the United States ( at the legendary Tribal Fest) to perform at numerous well- established events. 

She currently works intensely for  Indra Dansa Company, which primarily focuses on Bollywood, Tribal Fusion, Bellydance and Gypsi Dance. 

Finally, Sylvia Yssei has been teaching dance classes since 2010. These include Tahitian, Tribal Fusion and hypopressives. Check her website out at


Alicia Bellycraft 

Alicia BellyCraft is a beautiful, versatile and innovative artist by nature whose trend setting live performances have enchanted audiences worldwide as an international performer and choreographer. She has likewise captivated an on-line audience with a varied collection of dynamic performances that have garnered her over a millions views on YouTube.

A second generation belly dancer, Alicia has generously shared her lifelong professional experiences with her students and fans alike as an instructor for over the past 16 years. She is recognized for her signature BellyCraft style which brings as much power and poise as it does drama and intensity.

Alicia currently teaches her unique, challenging, fun and very rewarding style of fusion bellydance in South Florida and is available for workshops, seminars and performances worldwide. When not dancing she enjoys photography, weight training and practicing bikram style yoga.

Fun Fact: Alicia will be celebrating her birthday with us this year!


Alicia’s website:

Photography by: Pixie Vision

Olga Saretsky


Olga Saretsky- performance artist, costume designer since age 5.

Fire spinning stage performance experience 19 years.

Her dance disciplines include Hip-hop, Belly dance, African dance, Classical ballet, Brazilian samba, acrobatics and Mime theater.

Olga learned the  basics of fire performance on the island of Thailand in 2001 and since then has performed at numerous events and venues and has gained experience with countless European and American circus theaters. She has also participated at many local events as a solo Fire artist.

Olga's fire-style performance is  enriched by a deep knowledge of stage show structure, acting, fluid dance and  the necessary discipline it takes to make every show safe for  both the performer and the audience.

Olga Saretsky currently resides at her studio in Miami called Kikimora Studio,  where she creates new characters for her shows, trains new performers and hosts  unique circus workshops for  the public.

More info on Olga at